BlockingAnnoyingAds - is an anti banner, the extension for blocking online ads in your browser.

How It Works

If you are tired of annoying ads that pop up at the wrong time, you want to have quick access to the Internet, go unnoticed, use the extension "BlockingAnnoyingAds".


The "BlockingAnnoyingAds" extension saves traffic and money.


The "BlockingAnnoyingAds" speeds up the loading of web pages.


The "BlockingAnnoyingAds" makes page browsing comfortable.


The "BlockingAnnoyingAds" prohibits unscrupulous advertising agencies from tracking your personal information.


The goal of any ad blocking software is to stop the obsession. One way to do this is to remove such ads.


Amazing Features

An additional benefit of choosing "BlockingAnnoyingAds" is faster web surfing. Excessive advertising not only creates a slow, annoying and user-friendly web interface, but actually consumes unnecessary Internet traffic.

For example, if you DO NOT use the extension "BlockingAnnoyingAds", you may increase the consumption of Internet traffic, especially when the automatic start of video, ads and so on.

By installing the extension, you will receive:


Anti-banner blocking of most intrusive ads, including with automatically playing videos, Pop Under, Pop-up, blinking banners, rich media.


Traffic savings - due to reduced loads.


Data confidentiality - all known systems for tracking user actions are blocked.

You don’t have to pay anything. The extension is free and will always remain free for everyone!

Required permissions:

Since the extension "BlockingAnnoyingAds" is used to block ads, it needs permission to operate websites. When installing "BlockingAnnoyingAds" you can see the message "Read and change all your data on the websites that you visit". In addition, "BlockingAnnoyingAds" uses “FireBase cloud messaging” for system messaging. In this regard, Google Chrome ™ displays a message when installing “Display notifications”. We limit the data sent via push messages.

Privacy Policy

You can read the detailed privacy policy on a separate page.

Privacy Policy

How to delete

To remove the extension "BlockingAnnoyingAds", follow the instructions:

  • 1. In the upper right corner of the browser, click on the icon (...), then "Advanced Tools", then "Extensions".
  • 2. Find the extension "BlockingAnnoyingAds".
  • 3. Click "Delete".
  • 4. Confirm the action.

Use a convenient method that allows you to work, view web-pages as conveniently as possible. Say no to obsessive ad!